The So Very Blessed Community is a monthly subscription service that provides a full 3-month health coaching program, meal plans, healthy living tips, a judgment-free community, and grace-filled encouragement for your walk with God to help you lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle – heart, mind, body, and soul.

What's Included?

Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom is my signature 3-month health coaching program that walks you step-by-step through building a healthy lifestyle to fit your unique needs, schedule, and preferences. It includes videos, tracking worksheets, and devotionals to help you break the chains of your food, weight, and insecurity struggles and find freedom in Christ.

Christian Community

Weight struggles often bring guilt, shame, and embarrassment, which can end up being incredibly isolating, convincing you that you’re in this alone. You don’t have to do this alone (and you shouldn’t be)! Here, you will find a safe, judgement-free community where you can ask questions, connect with other women who share similar struggles, get accountability and support, and have a group of people cheering you on and helping you get back on your feet whenever you stumble.

Printable Resource Library

It’s easy to get distracted in the busyness of life and let your weight loss goals slide to the bottom of your priority list – combat that by tracking your progress! You will have access to over 25 printable worksheets and resource guides, from weekly goal tracking worksheets to sleep diaries, to boost the success of your weight loss journey.

Plus New Content Released Regularly, Including:

Healthy Living Tips

It’s one thing to have a meal plan in hand, but it’s quite another to actually follow it in the face of late-night cravings and crazy schedules. These videos will have practical tips on how to make healthier choices that fit your lifestyle, one small change at a time.

Step-By-Step Exercises

Working out can be the most intimidating piece of weight loss. These videos taking the overwhelm out of exercise with simple movements you can do at home encouraging you to just keep moving, no matter what phase of your weight loss journey you are in.

Grace-Filled Encouragement

Your walk with God is just as much a part of your weight loss journey as your diet and exercise. These videos will provide you with faithful encouragement to help you draw nearer to God, learning to break the chains in your life, defeat insecurities, and find true freedom in Christ.

Meal Plans

Planning your meals is a great way to set yourself up for success in your eating! Every menu gives you meal recommendations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a printable meal plan with links to simple and healthy recipes.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a contract?

No contracts here! You pick your subscription plan – monthly, yearly, or lifetime. We automatically deduct your payment every month or year, but you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

What if I’m following a specific diet or program (gluten free, Weight Watchers, etc)?

That’s totally fine! You will still find a ton of value and support here. There may be some suggestions that don’t fit into your plan, so just tweak them accordingly.

Meet Becky

Hey there! My name is Becky Lehman. I am an ACE-certified health coach and personal trainer and So Very Blessed is my cozy little corner of the internet where I share my 100-pound weight loss journey, healthy living tips, and encouragement for faithful living. I have found freedom in Christ by building a healthy lifestyle that I absolutely love, one small change at a time, and I am passionate about helping others do the same!

You can read about my weight loss journey here.

Things You Will Learn in the So Very Blessed Community
  • How to set reasonable weight loss goals that you’ll actually stick to
  • Getting your motivation crystal clear (and it has nothing to do with your goal weight!)
  • The best tools for organizing your time to make time for health
  • Easy ways to strengthen your willpower
  • Simple changes you can make to your kitchen that will set you up for success
  • How to find the exercise that’s right for you
  • How to write a weekly meal plan
  • Ways to meal prep that will save you a ton of time
  • How to get a handle on your stress
  • How to get more restful sleep
  • Practical ways to drink more water (even if you hate the way it tastes)
  • Getting back on track after backslides
  • How to find your worth in Christ (not in your pant size)
  • How to break free from the comparison trap
  • How to build a support system & strengthen the one you already have
  • The 4 steps you can use over and over again throughout your lifetime to keep making progress
  • And so much more!


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